Call of Duty : Vanguard

This May, we plan to offer a unique opportunity and begin our inaugural season, launching our Call of Duty Vanguard league.

League Mission

To provide a platform for casual gamers to connect and partake in league competition just like the pros

How Does The League Work?

  • Projected 8 Team League

    • 6 Individuals Per Roster

  • 3 Week Season & 1 Week Playoff

  • Each team will play 3 matches (1 Match = Best of 5 Game Series) per week

    • Each week the league will assign each team their randomly generated opponents for that week

      • Matches will be scheduled by team managers at the beginning of each week (at a time convenient for members of both teams) in the league manager chat

      • Each of the 5 maps will be predetermined using via coin flip/veto system (Maps, modes, scorestreaks, weapons, etc.... will emulate the professional Call of Duty League rules)

      • Both managers will be responsible for sending an image of the scoreboard in the manager chat at the conclusion of each game

  • Top 4 teams in the standings at the conclusion of the 3 week regular season will advance to the playoffs

    • Playoff Format TBD

    • Tie Breaker

      • Level 1 - Head to Head Record of Tied Teams

      • Level 2 - Total Game Record Winning Percentage (Total Wins/Losses of all games in all matches played)

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