League Fees

$350 per team for the 4 week season

Distribution of League Fees

  • $300 Contributed to Prize Fund

  • $50 Attributed to Registration Fees/League Upkeep

What You're Getting For Your Money?

  • Platform to experience gaming with friends in a professional league setting

  • Website upkeep with daily standings updates

  • League social media account upkeep with daily match recap

  • Player statistics (Overall kills, deaths, plants/defuses, captures, etc....)

  • Live streaming of matches

  • Video recaps posted on the league YouTube account

League Payout at Conclusion of Playoffs

*Based off 8 Team League*

  • First Place - $1,350

  • Second Place - $700

  • Third Place - $350

Registration Process

Currently Underway

  • Please fill out the PDF below and send it to MayhemGamingLeague@gmail.com to complete team registration

  • All payments for league dues will be made to League Commissioner Jarrett Gerrard

Registration Form.pdf